New Album LET IT PASS Out  9/7/18

TheStrayBirds_LetItPass_7MB copy.jpg

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To our fans, friends, and loved ones who have come to shows, listened to our music, and supported us with open hearts, 

We're so excited to finally announce our next record, Let It Pass! We spent a lot of last year creating together in a whole new way— writing a whole record collaboratively. It was an inspiring and emotional process where we all had to be vulnerable with ideas and open to change and growth. Every phrase, word, melodic turn, and chord had to travel through our collective filter and had to make it to the page and to the studio. In our 7th year as a band, it's exciting to share such a unified and honest collection of songs with the world! Here is the first single, “Nothing To Say About It Now” We hope you love it! 

Thanks as ever for your support, and thank you for listening! Writing, playing, and singing this music together is the best gift we know how give to each other— and the best gift we know how to give to you. Check our tour page for initial US release dates and mark your calendars! More to come soon! 

“Love must know something about you
Love must know something about me
Love must know something we can’t see
About what this was
And what this will be
But love has nothing to say about it now”
-The Stray Birds